Robocall a friend received today

So, Karl Rove is in the Massachusetts Senate race. Who’s nationalizing this election now?

“Hello, this is Karen calling from Crossroads GPS, with an important message about the US Senate election. Today you can change your future by voting against Elizabeth Warren. A vote for Warren is a vote for the same type of government failures that got us into the situation we are currently in. Warren supports President Obama’s health care takeover that will cut over $700 billion from Medicare spending. The health care law backed by Warren could limit the availability of care that seniors depend on from the Medicare programs they paid for. Vote no on Elizabeth Warren for Senate this November. Paid for by Crossroads GPS (followed by garbled words we can’t make out) Not paid for by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 815-266-1387.”

I’ll get the audio as soon as I can.

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