Monthly Archives: March 2013

I’m with Marty. At some point.

It’s a new day in Boston.

What an amazing couple of days it has been. I really liked Rep. Forry’s quote about Mayor Menino: “His legacy will be a perfect blend of 21st century innovation and the best elements of old-school, big city leadership that has made his mayoral tenure one of the most impressive in the annals of this great city.”  I loved the delivery of Mayor’s announcement on Thursday, and it has been great to listen to all the punditry and reminiscence. He leaves the office with a lot of goodwill, and a 74% approval rating. That’s amazing. I don’t even have a 74% approval rating in my own FAMILY.

So what’s next? Well, as you have undoubtedly heard, Rep. Marty Walsh has announced that he’s announcing that he’ll announce that he will run for Mayor of Boston. And because Marty is one of the finest public servants I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to change the world with, I have announced that I’m announcing that I’ll announce that I intend to support him. Mind you, I will do this despite the fact that he rejected my campaign slogan: “Faster Miles an Hour.” If you’d like to let me know that you’re planning to support Marty, I would be glad to know that! And if you’re waiting for the field to form and considering all the candidates, I’d be happy to connect with you personally and tell you all about why I’m with Marty.

The timing of this is difficult. A lot of us are hard at work on other races, on different sides. I am committed to helping Rep. Forry win her Senate race, and not spending as much time as I’d like helping Congressman Markey win his race. (Oh yes, and working full time.) And some of my closest friends and political allies are working on the other teams. I’ll be glad when we’re all united again working for the Democratic nominee for the general election for U.S. Senate. I hope you will save the date – Saturday, May 4 at 10 am – to join us at Tavolo for a True Blue Dorchester Unity Breakfast. I have invited all three state senate candidates and both Congressmen, but more importantly, I’m inviting you! More details soon.

It’s great to live in a community where people care enough about each other and their neighborhood to get involved in these campaigns. I’m grateful.


(photo by Bill Forry)