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5 More Minutes!

I laugh at people who tell me their dogs wake them up at 6 am. Master bedroom, 10:32 am, Dorchester, Mass.

GOTV Weekend – Ward 15

The Mass Dems in conjunction with Obama for America have deemed this GOTV weekend, and the coordinated campaign has planned a  canvass for Saturday in Dorchester’s Ward 15. We hope you can be part of this Coordinated Campaign effort. 

Tuesday, March 6th, is Election Day here in Massachusetts. This is the Presidential Preference Primary. The primary for U.S. Senate, Congress, and state seats is in the fall. But this provides a great opportunity for us to hone our GOTV skills for the big contests we have coming up!

Though the President is running unopposed, it is crucial that Democrats across the Commonwealth get out and Vote! This weekend Democrats from across the Commonwealth will be hitting the streets and talking to their neighbors, asking them to vote in the March 6th primary and collecting signatures for our Democratic candidates, including Cong. Capuano, Sen. Hart, Reps. Carlos Henriquez and Marty Walsh, and Elizabeth Warren.

With so much at stake in the 2012 election, these canvasses will serve as the beginning of our coordinated effort to re-elect President Obama, defeat Scott Brown, protect our Congressional delegation, and elect a strong Democratic House and Senate. Local seats for the Democratic State Committee and your Ward committee members will be on this ballot. (Craig Galvin, who is running a write-in campaign for the State Committee Man seat for the First Suffolk, will be around with instructions for how to vote for him as well; there is no one running on the ballot in that slot.)

A vote on election day is a voice. Votes speak. If you want your community to be heard, vote.

If you can join us on Saturday to knock on doors in Ward 15 and remind your neighbors about Election Day, please meet at-

Ashley’s Coffee Shop, 260 Bowdoin Street

March 3, 10:00 AM

Contact: Sandi Bagley


Phone: 617-436-8256

We will provide food to warm you up to go out and to welcome you back.