Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pet blog

This is turning into a pet blog isn’t it? Sorry, but he makes it so easy.

Here’s Charlie Ashmont, and he’s thinking “Look at my winkie! Look at my winkie! Look at it while I rub myself in something that died in the grass here. Are you looking?”

Father’s Day

My Dad died when we were young, but luckily we had these guys – Uncle Tom (still with us) and Papa (long since gone).

My dog is pretty adorable

Yesterday, at the park, seven girls, maybe 10 or 11 years old approached and asked if they could say hi to Charlie. They formed a semi-circle, and with fourteen hands, petted the little beast. He moved in a circle, kissing each one in succession. Completing the circle, he turned back to me, sat, and looked up, as if to say, “it’s cookie time.” Yes, Charlie Ashmont, for that performance, you definitely earned a cookie.